What are Shoes?

Footwear is part of human clothing designed to protect the legs from the harmful external influences. Modern shoes for appointment are divided into household and special. Save money with Kohls coupon codes online and buy beautiful shoes. Domestic footwear is divided into daily, the output (model) and the home, special - in sports, orthopedic (medical), manufacturing (protective). Shoes are made from different materials depending on its destination. Its internal dimensions and shape determine comfort footwear, the main characteristics of which are the number and completeness. Shoes of the same facilities must have different transverse dimensions, which determine its completeness. Completeness of footwear is characterized by the girth of the foot in the metatarsophalangeal joints and conditionally designated numbers or letters.
Anatomical and physiological features of the foot and its work determine design features of footwear. Modern shoe features a large variety of forms, styles, finishes and details. There are many different types of shoes. Depending on the position of components, and hence of the load acting on them shoes are made of materials with different mechanical properties. For the outer components of the top are used leather, textile materials and artificial leather. For the outer components of the bottom the leather, gums (porous, nonporous,), nylon, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and other materials are used. Modern shoes should have a set of hygiene and physical properties and meet the sanitary requirements. It is necessary that the stop be in an environment having a temperature and humidity, which is ensured by the selection of materials and design shoes. The most hygienic leather shoes with leather soles, because it is strong enough breathable plastic. Footwear for winter or cold climates insulated (using wool, natural and artificial fur, some synthetic materials). In the summer footwear should be provided with sufficient air. Shoes sports type must meet specific requirements defined by its specific purpose. Shoes hikers, skiers and climbers must have a high heat-shielding properties, it is waterproof and different free breed. Shoes orthopedic type used for therapeutic purposes if the pathological changes of the feet. The components of such shoes should be as convenient as possible. Orthopedic shoes are made from high quality materials.
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