Components of Footwear

   Footwear consists of different parts. Each type of shoe has its own component parts. Runt is the carrier piece of footwear, with which the fastening the uppers to the soles. It is made of very durable material. Hard toe is an intermediate piece upper in the toe portion of it, between the top and lining. Preserves the shape of the toe, but also serves to protect the feet from external mechanical influences. This part of the shoe is also made of solid materials. You can save money with Macy’s coupon codes and purchase elegant shoes any tine you wish.
   Vamp is the outer part of uppers, covering the upper surface of the foot. It can be strengthened by textile items: wadding and sides, preventing stretching and deformation of the topsides. During the operation the shoe vamp is highly strain due to numerous repeated bending. This part of the shoe should be made of quality materials. Burtz is outer parts of uppers, covering the dorsum of the foot. At Burtz are laces or straps with buckles. Burtz subjected to less intensive mechanical stress than vamp in the operation of footwear. Shoelaces and belts can be made from textile materials.
   Lining is an internal part of uppers of vegetable tanned. This type is of direct contact with the foot and should be especially soft, capable of flowing air. Most intensively in the lining wears toe and heel areas. Thus the lining shall be made of soft and breathable material. Internal heel is a reinforcing element in the back of the compound of the two parts of uppers. It is located between the soft layers of backdrop. This type provides the dimensional stability of the heel, but also serves to protect the feet from external mechanical influences and contributes to fixation of feet in shoes. It is made of genuine leather, thermoplastics and other materials.
   Sole is a detail of the bottom of the shoe, which is in direct contact with the ground. It protects the foot from contact with the ground softens the mechanical stress during walking, running, jumping, protects the shoes from wear and tear, the ingress of water and other types of dirt. Sole made of rubber materials. Removable in-soles of shoes are a detail, corresponding to the main form of insoles. They serve to improve the aesthetic, comfortable and hygienic properties of footwear. It is a layer of very soft leather, which comes into contact with the bottom surface of the foot. It is made of warm materials.
   Heel is a responsible piece shoe bottom, designed to lift the heel of the foot to a certain height. There are different types of heels. The heel is made from extra strong materials. Supinator is an intermediate bottom piece of footwear, which is intended to maintain the arch of the foot and the shape stability of the sole. Arch supports are required in the women's heels. It made of metal, plastic and other materials, and can be molded at once with the main insole. The laces are segments of a certain length of rope or other material threaded through the holes in the shoe and employees to keep it on the foot.
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